Hi, I like to design solutions for innovative and creative clients. I recently left AllofUs, London where I was a Senior Interactive Designer. The work below represents some of what I've been up to recently.
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BugWorld ExperienceBugWorld ExperienceBugWorld ExperienceBugWorld ExperienceBugWorld ExperienceBugWorld ExperienceBugWorld ExperienceBugWorld ExperienceBugWorld Experience

BugWorld Experience

The BugWorld Experience is Albert Dock’s latest visitor attraction and boasts an exciting array of creepy-crawlies for visitors to handle. I was tasked with developing the entire interactive solution for the attraction which amounted to around 20 individual deliverables including games, information kiosks, films and multitouch interactives.

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East FestivalEast FestivalEast FestivalEast Festival

After Xenakis & Le Corbusier Sound Design

Based on principles explored by the famous architect Le Corbusier and the composer Iannis Xenakis such as the golden section and fibonacci, AX&L is a musical instrument that allows the player to create music by measuring the architectural space and the people in it and employs the principles to convert the data to sound.

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Wedgwood MuseumWedgwood MuseumWedgwood MuseumWedgwood MuseumWedgwood MuseumWedgwood MuseumWedgwood Museum

Digital Solution for Wedgwood Museum

Provided a complete solution across nearly 20 interactive kiosks; 10 sound installations and 4 films. Some of the beautiful artefacts were simply too precious to openly display so the use of technology enabled us to allow visitors to explore them together with their social context. The Wedgwood Museum won the 2009 Arts Fund Prize.

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Sky PlayerSky Player

Premium Live Television From Sky

As well as a number of envisioning exercises and exploration with BSkyB, Sky Player evolved out of the Sky By Broadband video-on-demand service and now supports premium live television without the need of a set-top box or satellite dish. Sky Player also sees the beginning of an alignment of consistent user experiences across Sky products and services.

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Dictionary of ManDictionary of ManDictionary of ManDictionary of Man

Dictionary of Man

Working with Microsoft to realise a visionary project—the brainchild of Sir Bob Geldof and filmmaker, John Maguire. Dictionary of Man is a worldwide experiment in documenting all the societies and sub-societies on the planet. The aim is to get users to add themselves into this worldwide global census.

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Nokia ArteNokia Arte

Organic UI and Video Ringtones

This range of interface assets for the Nokia Arte range takes its inspiration from all things natural. With a mixture of photographic treatments and code-replicated natural phenomena, I was able to create a suite of highly organic interfaces that communicate information to the user about the current state of the mobile handset. Video

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Presentation SuitePresentation SuitePresentation SuitePresentation Suite

Marketing Suite Presentation Software

Custom presentation suite software that allows agents to create, store and edit presentations on the fly. Using a series of networked machines, the agent is able to queue slides, get aide memoirs and other notes whilst the clients concentrate on the triptych presentation screens.

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Nokia PrismNokia Prism

Organic UI and Video Ringtones

Using a mixture of live statistics and data from the user’s mobile phone handset such as battery status; network status current time etc the interface is organically affected and subtly changes throughout the course of the day. Using code-generated graphics ensured that no two handsets would share the same state at the same time. Video

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Be An Online SpyBe An Online SpyBe An Online SpyBe An Online SpyBe An Online Spy

Exploring Connections: Be An Online Spy

Users are challenged to follow online trails left by an imaginary suspect in this Spook-esque espionage exhibit. This was a complex build designed as a futuristic ‘super-computer’ and sought to communicate how given the right access, you can create a complete profile of a person based on information held by a number of sources.

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Nash Baker ArchitectsNash Baker ArchitectsNash Baker Architects

Architecture Practice Portfolio Website

Along with a complete print rebrand of the company involving letterheads, business cards, compliment slips, brochures, AutoCAD templates, I also created a database-driven website to showcase the work of the practice.

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Chelsea Harbour Design CentreChelsea Harbour Design CentreChelsea Harbour Design CentreChelsea Harbour Design Centre

Programming for Dynamic LED Fascia

The main meeting point of the Design Centre is the central dome that boasts a stunning two-part fully equipped reception desk. The whole fascia of the desk is covered in LEDs and can be updated to display custom messages and current information as well as ambient animations.

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Plink PlonkPlink PlonkPlink Plonk

Music Box Installation

Four tiny mechanical music boxes are placed in the corners of a projection surface. Visitors are invited to play with them. As they do so, visuals tell a story in four scenes to the tune of ‘You Are My Sunshine’.

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Text E.T.

Text E.T.
Text E.T.

Text E.T.

Text E.T.

Text E.T.

“If you could ask an alien anything, what would it be?” Of course, being in a public environment and with no option of moderation, I had to build a sentence construction mechanic from scratch that pieced together approved nouns, adverbs, adjectives with correct conjugation – in English, Spanish, French, Malay, Chinese and Japanese.

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Sky HDSky HDSky HD

Sky HD Promotional Website

Ahead of the launch of high-definition television across the Sky TV network, the client required an experiential website that would communicate the coming benefits of high-definition television. A fully accessible version of the site was also created that complied to Double A standards as a base.

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